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Old School RuneScape (@OldSchoolRS) / Twitter

Uncover the truth, fight a new phantom boss, and earn powerful new loot. Jagex, Cambridge, UK osrs.game/SOTN Joined February 2013.

@OldSchoolRS/OldSchool Team / Twitter

We want to shape them with YOU! Head over to the newspost and let us know your thoughts. http://osrs.game/dt2-rewards-greenlight…

Mod Ash (@JagexAsh) / Twitter

The Old School RuneScape Annual Survey is here! Our game is special because of you, and we need your help to shape its future. http://osrs.

OSRS Lounge (@OSRSLounge) / Twitter

OSRS Lounge. @OSRSLounge. basically, 2 epic gamers playing osrs owned by. @djdave43. and. @runechanOSRS. Medlem siden oktober 2018.

Tedious (@ImTedious) / Twitter

OSRS Content Creator 65k+ YouTube http://youtube.com/tediousrs 🖥️ … Just met @ImTedious on osrs and he saw lorna in brussels 2 weeks back.

Faux (@Faux_Freedom) / Twitter

Tweets & replies … How old does my baby need to be to train agility on OSRS? … Every like on this tweet adds 10k to the prizepool.

Mod Light (@JagexLight) / Twitter

Help Guss get access to NPC’s most exclusive pub, the Nutcracker, by taking part in Santa’s Festive Games! http://osrs.game/Christmas-2022.

aaty (King of the Moths) (@aatykon) / Twitter

2 more days of holiday before I jump back on OSRS properly, tons of content this month as I want to finish up 2k CM/ToB, brush up on new releases, …

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